Keith Richardson

Co-Founder / Chief Integration Officer
More In Common
I have been fortunate to have an 18 year career in tech building many skills from sales to legal negotiation. Managing many millions of dollars in business and working with many different industries. I’ve worked with partners to help them build and grow their business and worked with C-Suite to leverage technology that will enhance their organizations. All of that has led me to this place where I can not only live my personal philosophy in life but I can apply it to how I help others through business. These skills have prepared me to run and operate my own business that enables me to Evolve H.R. by building organizational cultures anchored on productive human connection.
Why I support the Compassion Coalition
The central element of the work we do is based on the psychology of Compassion. We fundamentally believe that compassion can heal the world. And it’s not a major lift against our humanity, it is tapping into our foundational capabilities to have compassion for ourselves and for others. Being a part of a mission that is seeking to do the same is our honor and pleasure.
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