Sabeen Rizvi

Associate Professor and Psychologist
Gargi College, University of Delhi
Hailing from the most populated countries in the entire world I am passionate about taking psychology to the masses and helping in filling the gaps in the field of mental health and well-being through low cost evidence based interventions. Additionally, my research interest also lies in the area of marginalization, radicalization, peace studies and supportive interventions for a better world.
Why I support the Compassion Coalition
Peace and compassion are the most important values we can leave our generations with across cultures. The socio-political climate around the world makes it imperative for people like us to turn our thoughts into actionable work and the GCC provides that opportunity to connect with the intellectual diaspora that endeavours to make sustainable changes around the world through positive interventions and collective global efforts! Congratulations to Dr. Rick Hanson and his team for starting this much needed initiative. Happy to be a part of this beautiful coalition.
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