The Global Sunrise Project

The Global Sunrise Project is an award-winning, youth-led, youth-centered, positive impact, heart-centered, storytelling hub engaged in producing documentary films, conducting workshops, public speaking engagements, publishing opportunities, along with exhibitions and events which have reached and engaged thousands of people. In addition, our online campaigns and advocacy work have reached millions more. With the main goal being to transform young people’s feeling of powerlessness and anxiety to one of hopeful and purpose-driven action, the organization has used its platform for storytelling, filmmaking, photography and public speaking to share stories of hope, resilience, and grassroots leadership – close to home and around the globe. Dedicated to ensuring the platform gives voice to those most marginalized, The Global Sunrise Project highlights stories that demonstrate the resilience of the human spirit to rise above challenges, and to seek and find sustainable and creative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. As founder of the organization and as a Gen-Z activist and award-winning feminist filmmaker from the age of 16, my new feature documentary 1.5 Degrees of Peace & accompanying impact and outreach educational resources, sets out to discover the intrinsic links between climate action and peace action that will help energize a unified intergenerational movement for peace and climate justice. The focus and driving energy of the film are young peacemakers impacted by the dual nexus of climate change and systemic violence who are striving to find solutions that address these issues so that those in their communities and elsewhere can flourish on a healthy, just and liveable planet. The project is based in Canada but operates globally.
Why I support the Compassion Coalition
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