Tammie Ronen

Professor, Chief Scientist
Tel-Aviv University, Buzzlife, Ltd.
Professor Tammie Ronen, Ph.D. is a full professor at Tel-Aviv University. She is one of the founders of BuzzLife a registered Israeli company operating in the field of Wellbeing. Her back ground is in Social Work and Counselling education. She serves as the head of the international MA program for sustainable development and before that, as the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Head of the Renata Adler Memorial Research Center for Child Welfare and Protection at Tel Aviv University. She was the previous president of the Israeli Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapy and a leading leader of the International Association for Positive Psychology. Practical experience Professor Ronen is an expert in learning theories, theories of change and positive psychology, especially Wellbeing. She combines her knowledge in research and projects aimed at increasing the Wellbeing of the population, reducing negative elements – anxiety, stress, crisis, trauma, burnout. She is involved in empowering the population in general and enables well-being in health situations in particular. Professor Ronen developed an evidence-based model for change while improving Wellbeing and applies her knowledge in evidence-based projects to improve well-being both in Israel and internationally. Publications Professor Ronan has published more than 100 articles in leading international journals, and she is the author of 13 books and the editor of the books. She has written many chapters in international books. She has received many grants for her research work. Previous projects and activities The following field projects led by Prof. Ronen were adapted by the Israeli Ministry of Education and implemented over the past 10 years all over Israel: Empowering children and adolescence: a project to reduce aggression and impart self-control skills to aggressive children. Evidence-based research indicates its effectiveness, prior to the training of teachers and educational supervisors, and it is now being implemented in schools all over Israel. Through sports: a project with the Rashi Foundation that aims to reduce aggression through sports with both the Jewish and Arab population in Israel. Research has shown that the reduction of aggression is related to a change in the process of thought and emotion. Music for social change: establishing orchestras for the population at risk to increase their Wellbeing and reduce stressful and risky behavior. 4000 children and adolescents play in orchestras all over Israel.
Why I support the Compassion Coalition
I strongly believe in change, and that people can attain a higher level of wellbeing. We can assess, evaluate and impart skills to human. Change is a matter of learning, experiencing and exploring. When people focus on skills, behavior and thoughts rather than difficulties, problems and pathology they can reach the sky. The sky is not the limit. Happy people, who find meaning, compassion and empathy can make their own world and others better place. I identify with GCC goals and way of operating.
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