Yair Dangoor

Founder & CEO
BuzzLife Ltd
Mr. Yair Dangoor founded and managed companies in the field of health and medical care: in Africa and China In his work, he was exposed to the importance of wellbeing and its impact on the life course. Therefore, he decided to found BuzzLife an Israeli company operating in the field of wellbeing. Previously, he served in senior management positions in the insurance and pension industry in Israel. His PhD research at Tel Aviv University, Israel examined the contribution of socio-demographic, cognitive, social, emotional and physical health components to satisfaction with life and happiness. He holds an MSc. In industrial management and IT systems from Ben-Gurion University, Israel and a BSc. In mathematics from Ben-Gurion University, Israel. Wellbeing for him is the essence of life in all its aspects and domains (e.g. emotional, cognitive, health, social, lifestyle) and is a basic existential need like water, oxygen and food.
Why I support the Compassion Coalition
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Rick Hanson and talking about GCC’s vision and the importance of compassion and its meaning in our lives as part of personal wellbeing that enables positive communication between people. I believe that compassion is a kind of skill that can be learned and imparted beyond being emotional. As one of the founders of BuzzLife, an Israeli company operating in the field of wellbeing that developed BbetterE, a unique digital platform of its kind in the world for imparting skills to improve and manage levels of wellbeing at the personal level through a change process, for individuals, employees in workplaces, medical teams, teaching and education teams and more, we will also integrate the compassion as another domain in BbetterE. I see the relationship with GCC as strategic and part of BuzzLife’s vision to improve the level of wellbeing among the population around the world.
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