Compassionate economics:

Rewiring our economies for care, equity, and justice.

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The 100 richest people on our planet have enough wealth to eradicate global poverty four times over. Something is wrong. Something needs to change. The value of compassion can provide us with a blueprint for a new economy – one that ensures everyone is cared for and thrives. Watch the discussion about what that economy would look like and, crucially, how we get it.


  • Katy Chakrabortty, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Oxfam.
  • Stewart Wallis, Executive Chair, Wellbeing Economy Alliance.
  • Lene Rachel Andersen, President, Nordic Bildung & Co-founder, Global Bildung Network.
  • Elham Fakhro, Research Fellow, Exeter University’s Centre for Gulf Studies and an associate fellow, Chatham House Middle East and North Africa programme.
  • Jennifer Nadel, Chair, Global Compassion Coalition.

Wednesday 17 May

9am PST / 5pm BST