Cultivating compassion for and by men and boys.

How and why now.

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Men and boys are struggling with loneliness, isolation, anxiety, depression, and meaninglessness more than ever.

The situation is dire.

With our culture’s deeply embedded expectations for men and boys to be tough, unemotional, self-sufficient, and avoid anything considered feminine, they’re offered little to no support or means to live outside of a restrictive, rigid male persona (AKA the Boy Box and the Man Box).

It doesn’t need to be this way. 

On this panel, we’ll explore various aspects of a paradigm shift away from the rigid-based masculinity beliefs and behaviors toward more prosocial, integrated and sustainable expressions of masculinity. In particular, we’ll highlight the profound, yet often overlooked, importance of compassion and self-compassion in the daily lives of men and boys.

Wednesday 14 June

9 am PST / 12 pm EST / 5 pm BST

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Daniel Ellenberg, Ph.D. is founder of Strength with Heart men’s groups and workshops and a past president of the APA Division on Men and Masculinities. Daniel also leads the Men & Boys Compassion Initiative and serves on the advisory boards of GCC and the APA Future of Work, and a principle in Rewire Leadership Institute.

Paul Gilbert, Ph.D is professor of clinical psychology at the University of Derby and visiting professor at the University of Queensland. He is an evolutionary psychologist and founder of the Compassionate Mind Foundation and Compassion Focused Therapy

Danny Singley, Ph.D is a board-certified psychologist and director of The Center for Men’s Excellence. His research and practice focus on men’s mental health with a particular emphasis on reproductive psychology and the transition to fatherhood. Dr. Singley is currently the President-Elect of the APA’s Division on Men and Masculinity.

Holly Sweet, Ph.D. is a practicing psychologist and past president of APA’s Division of the Psychology of Men and Masculinities. She is a co-founder of the Cambridge Center for Gender Relations, a consulting firm dedicated to improving relationships between women and men in educational and professional settings. Holly is editor of Gender in the Therapy Hour: Voices of Female Clinicians Working with Men.

Erica Liebman, Psy.D is a clinician who specializes in trauma-related disorders, couples work and men’s psychology. Prior to that Erica worked for a decade in the automotive racing and mechanical industries. Her experience of working with predominately male colleagues informs and influences her perspective of male psychology.

Saed Hill, Ph.D is a Counseling Psychologist at Northwestern University where he focuses on healthy masculinity by developing and implementing strategies to improve masculine engagement in the prevention of violence. He also consults with organizations and companies throughout the US on improving healthy male engagement.