Rhonda Fitzgerald

Executive Director
Sustained Dialogue Institute
As the Executive Director for the Sustained Dialogue Institute, Rhonda Fitzgerald leads the team applying the SD process on campuses, workplaces, communities, and countries. Rhonda has been with SDI for over 15 years, creating partnerships including Fortune 5 technology companies, hospitals, agencies, and nonprofits. She previously led the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN). She supports and develops leaders of all backgrounds and ages to implement solutions related to polarization, peacemaking, equity, diplomacy, and conflict resolution. She works primarily in the U.S., but implements SD globally through dialogue work in the horn of Africa and Sweden, projects which have been co-grown over a decade with the Life and Peace Institute in Sweden. Rhonda learned the power of this work from the late Dr. Hal Saunders (with whom she worked for the last 8 years of his life) and previous SDI trainers as a student at Princeton University, where she moderated Sustained Dialogue.
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