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For a world that's built on compassion.

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our mission

Together, we'll create a world where people and nature are cared for and thrive

We have the resources to alleviate suffering and promote human flourishing. What we need to do is spread the will, wisdom, and courage to act.

That is why we are coming together to promote, cultivate, and spread compassionate thinking, feeling, and action. 

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Next Event

Transforming Healthcare through Compassion

with Michael West, Vidyamala Burch OBE, Dr. Katy Steward, Helen Thomas and Dr. Rachna Chowla

The panel discussion will focus on how we can create hope for healthcare through compassion at a time when healthcare is under huge strain around the world. The panel discussion will focus on the importance of compassion in healthcare, compassion and self-compassion among those working in healthcare, compassionate leadership to help nurture compassionate cultures, ensuring the health and wellbeing of those working in healthcare, compassion from a patient perspective and managing the pain of patients and healthcare cooperatives and systems. The panel will describe practical examples from different countries of where compassionate leadership, cultures and orientations are having positive effects on healthcare outcomes, staff wellbeing and retention, and offering hope for the future. The panelists will describe the role that citizens, patients, service users, practitioners, policy leads, pioneers for compassion and all of us can play in helping to develop hope for healthcare through the deployment of compassion.

Michael West

Vidyamala Burch OBE

Dr. Katy Steward

Helen Thomas

Dr. Rachna Chowla


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