Compassion Circles

Dealing with a busy and chaotic world can be really hard. It can feel overwhelming to have to manage not only the different stresses and demands we face in our own lives but to think about the conflicts and suffering happening across the world. What we all need is some space – some space to recharge, reconnect, and feel supported and valued.

That is why we will soon be launching a new program called Compassion Circles.

Compassion Circles will create a welcoming space for individuals to come together – either in person or online – to cultivate their compassion together, share how they are doing, and receive recognition, kindness, and support.

Right now we are developing the program and structures we need to ensure that these Circles work for our members. In the meantime, we invite anyone who would be interested in joining or forming a Circle to register their interest below. You will then be invited to be the first of our Coalition to form a Circle and to start hosting others in your neighborhood or from across the world.

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