What we do

Our Vision

A world where people and planet are valued and cared for.

Our Mission

To inspire compassionate action.

Our Work

Helping more people experience compassion

Through our events, podcast, media work, and team of spokespeople we aim to significantly broaden public awareness, understanding, and practice of compassion.

Creating communities of compassion.

Our Circles of practice, Corps of compassion coaches, and global team of volunteer Connectors are helping to create communities of compassion where people feel connected and cared for.

Building networks of compassionate leaders.

We are building global networks of leaders in healthcare, education, business, and politics and working with them to put compassion at the core of the way they and their colleagues work.

Coming together for global change.

By connecting our compassionate communities and networks of leaders we will create a global movement for compassionate change that works at all levels of society.

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Spring Appeal

Our Compassion Heroes Need Your Help!

The Global Compassion Coalition’s groups are working directly to bring aid and support to their communities in areas like Kenya, where devastating floods have made thousands of families homeless. 

Can you help them with a donation TODAY?