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Take compassion into your leadership role with this handy short guides

The background to compassion

At its core, compassion involves really seeing the other. It means recognizing the humanity in all – understanding that we all suffer, all have rights, needs, and wants, and all deserve understanding and respect.


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Compassionate leadership

Compassionate leadership involves governing with a sincere dedication to the well-being of citizens, by placing their basic welfare above personal ambitions for power, glory, or wealth.

Compassionate Politics

A political system that is inclusive empowers the public to engage with decisions that affect them.

Influencing with compassion

When compassionate leaders articulate their inclusive visions that include the entirety of their constituents, they provide a moral framework that allows various groups to find meaning and recognize the interconnectedness of today’s complex public challenges.

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The Transformational Power of Male Compassion

Wednesday 12th June | 9am PT / 12pm ET/ 5pm GMT