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Prof. Janet Garske

Ohio University

Currently retired. Life-span developmental Psychology and School Psychology

Prof. Winnie Mak

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Buddhist psychological concepts (mindfulness, compassion, discernment, concentration, interconnectedness, nonattachment, etc.) on individual and collective well-being

Dr. Maria Maddalena Moretti

how language influences relationships

Ms. Mary Doane

Zen Caregiving Project, Compassion Institute

I am trained and certified as a compassion instructor through Stanford University and the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) and serve as Supervising Instructor for Zen Caregiving Project.

Dr. Martin Burt

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The Poverty Stoplight is a new poverty metric and coaching methodology that allows families to aself assess their level of multidimensional poverty and to develop personalized plans to overcome their deprivations.

Prof. Eddie Chong

The University of Hong Kong

Diversity-equity issues in psychotherapy and minority mental health research through a Buddhist psychological lens

Dr. abraham williams

Wohprag Biblical University

Corruption is killing the African continent

Miss Miss Karyn Nash

University of Derby

The impact of self-compassion on executive functioning in women and people assigned female at birth who were late diagnosed with ADHD and autism.

Dr. Esther Estey

Harvard Medical School/Center for Mindfulness and Compassion; Stanford University School of Medicine/VA Palo Alto Healthcare System; University at Buffalo

Contemplative, yoga, mindfulness, and compassion-based approaches for positive embodiment in health psychology and rehabilitation, trauma recovery, and mental performance among military and Spanish-speaking populations.

Dr. Liza Barnes

Drexel University

How managers and employees can respond compassionately to colleagues navigating struggles in their personal lives

Dr. Julie Matthaei

Wellesley College

I am researching the emerging solidarity economy, which is based on values of compassion and cooperation.

Mr. Elvir Mandzukic

Webster University

Mindful Living Practices

Dr. Nirmala Lekhak

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Meditation use among later life psychological health and increase of compassion

Ms. Pramita Sengupta

LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health


Dr. Kimberly Dickman

US Air Force Academy

I focus on Well-being, relationships, and character related to leadership development.

Nancy Guerra

University of California at irvine

Positive youth development and healthy aging

Dr. Aminda O'Hare

Weber State University

I study how different mindfulness practices, particularly focused attention vs. compassion practices, impact cognition and emotion interactions in the brain.

Prof. florencia bravo



Mr. Nathanael Navarro

My research interests revolve around comparative and dialogical approaches in metaphysical investigations, inclusive democratization, sustainable social development, and cultural studies.

Pramita Sengupta Pramita Sengupta

LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health

Mental health and psychotherapy

Jeff W Bens

Manhattanville University

I am a novelist and professor of creative writing interested in compassion as the foundation for creative work.

Dr. Patricia Donohue-Porter PhD, RN

Adelphi University College of Nursing & Public Health

An examination of courage and caring in nursing.

Dr. Frank Rogers Jr.

Claremont School of Theology

Compassion cultivation rooted in western spiritual traditions

Dr. Lorena Fuentes Ramírez


I am anesthesiologist and form in compassion an emocional inteligence to phisycians and nurses

Ms. Rachel Killam

University of South Florida

Qualitative research on philosophical, social, and political norms that inhibit compassion/compassionate decision-making in higher education workplace systems.

Mr. Jose Cyril E Alaras

Emory University

We take care of the animals used by investigators in research.

Dr. Raghad Ebied

Wilfrid Laurier University

compassionate, and resilience based education to promote equity, inclusion and well-being for marginalized students including refugees.

Marcela Matos

University of Coimbra

Examining the protective effects of compassion in different populations and the impact of compassion focused interventions on indicators of mental and biophysiological well-being

Mrs. Nayeli Maillefert


bringing mindfulness and compassion to promote well being

Mr. Syed Ahmed Mujtaba


To let people know about their rights of living

Ms. Kelly Bastian

Regis University

Nursing and compassion as it relates to preventing burn out and self fulfillment in healthcare.

Dr. Martha Pollard PhD

University of Edinburgh

Compassion for caregivers: the role of human rights and liberating systems

Nelson Tam

City University of Hong Kong

My research focuses on mental health and wellbeing.

Dr. Alea Skwara PhD

University of California, Davis

Cognitive neuroscience of compassion and responses to suffering

Dr. Cheryl O'Malley

University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

We created a compassion center at our hospital and are evaluating the outcomes via survey

Dr. Anne-Marie Iselin

Elon University

Adolescent wellbeing and mental health, self-regulation, parenting behaviors, cultural values

Miss Kim Villard

University of Southern California

Developing dispositions of compassion in higher education amongst emerging adult students.

Mr. Joel Navarez

De La Salle University

My area of research focuses on well-being and mental health.

Miss Harriet Broadfoot MA, BA(hons), Mont.Dip.,EYTS, AFHEA

Durham University

Compassion in early childhood education environments in context of holistic well-being and living in our interconnected world


university of technology Sydney

mindfulness integrated therapies. MICBT

Dr. Hooria Jazaieri

Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University

Employee experience and expression of compassion

Ms. Nan Zhao

Iowa State University

My research is focused on how compassion promotes mental health across cultures

Miss Haleh Hashemi Toroghi

Brunel University London

I am a doctoral researcher , and my area of research is compassionate leadership.

Prof. Fiona Denney

Brunel University London

compassionate leadership in public sector organisations

Dr. Kathryn Waddington

University of Westminster

I am interested in arts-based psychosocial research and practices that support compassion at the multiple intersections of individual, group/community-based and organizational initiatives.

Dr. Reut Livne-Tarandach

Manhattan College

I study antecedents, processes and consequences of compassion at work

Dr. Peilian Chi Chi

University of Macau

I am interested compassion research that promote individual and family resilience.

Mrs. Sara Wright

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

I study the influence of critical consciousness on bystander intervention in civil courage situations.

Dr. Geetanjali Basarkod

Institute for Positive Psychology and Education, IPPE

My research program aims to foster educational environments where every child feels safe and accepted. To this end, I focus on school-based interventions to improve the psychosocial outcomes (e.g., wellbeing, school belonging, and reduced bullying) of diverse students. I am also interested in improving all students’ moral behaviours, as moral disengagement negatively impacts psychosocial outcomes like bullying.

Amber Kea-Edwards

University of Alabama In Huntsville

Healing for workplace trauma

Dr. Anna Troisi

University of the Arts London

I'm a Non-violent communication practitioner, educator (higher education) in the field of creative computing and commputational ethics and my research involve compassionate communication in the areas of inclusive design and user experience, community involvement also with indigenous communities, and educational environments in the higher education

Mr. Mr Oyat Allan Johnson

East African Institute for Management Science

understanding and fostering community dynamics and interactions within various social contexts.

Dr. Kira Schabram

University of Washington

Compassion and other restorative practices to support human sustainability in the workplace

Dr. Peter Grossenbacher

Naropa University

My research centers human connectivity, including ways that compassion involves intrapersonal and interpersonal connection.

Dr. Phi Loan Le

California State University, Fullerton

Embodied healing, mind and body integration with ancient yoga practice and psychology.

Mrs. Lee Nielson Nielson

Sydney University

Buddhism and psychology

Dr. John Forsyth

Our focus is on processes that contribute to human suffering and its successful alleviation, including acceptance and commitment therapy processes, mindfulness, and self-compassion.

Mrs. Maryvonne Verkerke

Gentleminds, Institute for Compassion

Compassion for Highly Gifted and High Sensitives

Christina Bethell

Johns Hopkins University

Promoting early and lifelong health by promoting nurturing relationships and flourishing in policy and practice.

Prof. Nancy Guerra

University of California at Irvine

Promoting healthy development in children and youth, now interested in compassion and aging.

Dr. Marcie Ray

Michigan State University

I work on trauma-informed pedagogy in music, as well as the construction of nature and humanity in early-modern music.

Dr. Pablo Mountford MD

GATLA- Argentinian research group for hematologic malignancies

Mindfulness/ Compassion/Positive P training in Cancer patientes and family members

Miss Ebru Pek



Prof. Erwin Rimban

Cagayan State University Andrews Campus

I do research on Compassion, Ethics and the Intersections of Transpersonal Psychology, Humanistic Psychology and Analytical Psychology

Dr. John Makransky

Boston College

Contemplative training in compassion

Mr. Fares Ahmad

University of California Santa Barbara

The intersection of compassion and technology.

Prof. Steven J McMichael OFM Conv.

University of Saint Thomas, Saint Paul, MN

I work on the theme of compassion in medieval spirituality in all its forms - especially in the life and writings of Francis of Assisi (I am a Franciscan)

Dr. Jon Reid

Oxford Brookes University

The emotional work of teachers who support children who experience distress and the role of compassion to support wellbeing in education.

Ms. Amy Richards

Emory University//The Task Force for Global Health

Compassion and ethics at the heart of global health systems

Dr. Sharon Wheeler

Wrexham University

How to live and work compassionately without burnout.

Mr. None Lewis Munjalu

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Research area focuses on the impacts of Debt trap diplomacy on economic growth of Kenya

Prof. Alex Chi-Keung Chan

School of Arts and Humanities, Tung Wah College

Self-compassion, meaning in life, transcendence and transformation, positive technologies

Dr. Xiaohoa Ching

Harvard University

Scaling love in systems

Ms. Patricia Cardellini

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

My research focuses on education and self-regulation. It involves mindfulness, and compassion for parents and educators, compassion/self-compassion, and Inner Development Goals (IDG).

Dr. Matthew Skinta

I apply compassion interventions to work with queer and transgender communities internationally.

Mr. Zerihun Tumato Tulla


Social Solidarity and ethno-cultura integration for sustainable peace

Dr. Jennifer Griggs

University of Michigan

My work focuses on the role of honoring dignity, the inherent worth and value of each person, at work and in the world.

Philomena Free

SOAS University of London

Embodied, enlivened and ensouled cultures of education.

Syed Ahmed Mujtaba

S. M science college, Karachi Pakistan

To educate down trodden people know their rights

Mrs. Jeanine Wasik M.Ed.

Vancouver Island University

The positive impacts of practicing mindful self-compassion as an educator and modeling self-regulation and healthy emotional expression to foster resilience.

Dr. Debbie Ling

Monash University

Investigating the impact of compassion training on healthcare workers.

Ms. Susan O'Regan

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

An exploration of how compassion-based mindfulness, particularly self-compassion, can support family carers in their caring role

Dr. Madeleine Fraser

Australian Catholic University

Self-compassion applied in clinical psychology

Dr. Jason Pandya-Wood

University of Nottingham Malaysia

Exploring the potential of greater compassion in politics, social policy and welfare.

Dr. Rebekah Fowler

University of Wisconsin La Crosse

I research English literature, primarily medieval, and emotions, with a new focus on the role of compassion in literary studies.

Prof. Jane Dutton

University of Michigan

As an organizational researcher I have been studying compassion in organizations.

Ms. Pramita Sengupta Pramita Sengupta

LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health Tezpur Assam

Mental health and psychotherapy

Dr. Miia Paakkanen

Compassion and emotional skills at work and in leadership

Prof. Elenice Oliveira

Montclair State University

My research focuses on social justice, crime prevention, policing and mindfulness in social and criminal justice

Dr. Patricia Isis

Miami Art Therapy and Mindfulness Trainings

Mindful doodling and social emotional well ess

Mr. Masanneh Jallow Jallow

University of San Diego

My area of research is education.

Ms. Judith Reynolds

Rhodes University

Resilience of higher education students in navigating the intersection between their academic and non academic roles and activities

Ms. Sara Curtis

Lawrence University

I am a mental health therapist, I work with my clients on self compassion, compassion fatigue, and forgiveness.

Rev. Godfree McIntyre

Claremont School of Theology

I am interested in compassion as a path for healing dialog and praxis toward liberation and recovery of soul.

Dr. Jordan Quaglia

Naropa University

Relationships between self-compassion and compassion for others


Boston School International

Passionate educator, clinical psychologist. Looking for a kinder world for our children

Christine Lathren

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I study self-compassion in caregivers and children, including intergenerational self-compassion.

Dr. Marianne Florian

University of Texas McGovern Medical School

Using ethnography and qualitative analysis, I explore experiences of learning to practice meditation, and other ways that people intentionally seek to learn and change their own perspectives and traits.

Dr. David Victorson

Northwestern University

Flourishing in society and health

Dr. Christine Lathren

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I study the role of self-compassion in relational contexts, particularly in caregivers (parent-child, formal caregivers).

Mrs. Daniela Castillo Dani

Universidad de Chile

My research focuses on compassionate care and agency, using theories from sociology and social neuroscience


university of technology Sydney

The application of mindfulness, particularly MiCBT, equanimity and interoception on mental ill health, pain and well being.

Liza Barnes

Drexel University

I study how employees and managers can support their colleagues navigating challenges in their personal lives (e.g., grief, illness).

Mr. Aboagye Da-Costa Asirifi Mr.

Trinity Theological Seminary, Legoon

Pastoral approaches

Dr. Özlem Gümüşkaya

Sakarya University

I am interested in families of children with disabilities and ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities and Mental health, mindfulness, self compassion and compassion

Dr. Justine O'Hara-Gregan O'Hara-Gregan

University of Auckland

The practice of self-compassion by early childhood educators/teachers

Mr. Timothy Harrison

Emory University

How can the compassion training be effectively manualized, scaled to a global audience, replicated with fidelity, and tailored for special sectors to maximum individual and societal flourishing?

M.A. Silke Zukunft

Alumni University Goettingen

Development of school curricula for social learning with heart and mind, mindfulness and self-efficacy through movement and development of Compassion Campus.

Rev. Mia Baumgartner

University of Washington

I study how validated mindfulness and compassion cultivation/education interventions impact healthcare workers' wellbeing --including levels of burnout, secondary trauma, self-compassion, and loneliness

Ms. Moira Godfrey

University of the West of Scotland

Social workers and compassion

Dr. Andrew Woon

Queen Mary University of London

I am interested in research on compassion fatigue among faculty in higher education

Ms. Dikla Hertzog Twig


Applying Compassion in the healthcare system

Ms. Sarah Wolfenden

Brunel University London

Conducting research on coaching, compassion and wellbeing in UK universities

Dr. Aizaiah Yong

Claremont School of Theology

Compassion and Social Transformation

Dr. Hannah Gilbert

Compassionate Mind Foundation

Anthropology of compassion and compassion focused therapy

Ms. Gayatri Mendanha

Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

Philosophy of Mind, Consciousness Studies, Religion, Literature

John Calvin Chatlos

Rutgers University

Study compassion as significant part of spiritual experience.

Soraya Sánchez

The Languages of Energy

Art, Science and Healing for Conscious Social Transformation

Prof. Muhammad Taufiq Amir

Universitas Bakrie

Positive Leadership and Managing innovation

Dr. Sophia Kathariou

North Carolina State University

Microbial Evolution and Genetics

Dr. RONALD Levant

University of Akron

Does compassion attenuate the link between masculinity and violence

Miss Pranati Misurya

University of Exeter

Self-compassion and CPTSD

Ms. Lauren Lemmon

National Judicial College

Mindfulness and wellness

Dr. Cris Tietsort

University of Denver

I study how compassion unfolds in organizational contexts, with particular emphasis on how compassion recipients disclose and discuss suffering

Dr. Paul Houston Blankenship-Lai

Earlham School of Religion

Compassionate research methods for personal and social transformation / homelessness / spirituality / elder care

Dr. Nandhini Giri

Purdue University

Dr. Giri conducts research work on developing experiential learning systems and interactive pedagogical tools that explore the tangible and intangible layers of cross-cultural experience design in games and XR platforms.

Prof. Simon Cottle PhD

Cardiff University

I'm interested in the communicative forms and dimensions of media that can enhance feelings of compassion and care and the compulsion to act in a world-in-crisis.

Ms. Cuca Azinovic

Nirakara; Complutense

Mindful Eating and Self Compassion

Dr. Darcia Narvaez

University of Notre Dame

Humanity's evolved nest which fosters and maintains a compassionate human nature.

Dr. Yuki Miyagawa

Otemon Gakuin University

My research focuses on how self-compassion motivates us to take necessary actions to promote well-being (i.e., a fierce aspect of self-compassion; Neff, 2023)

Dr. Alya Khan

London Metropolitan University

I am a philosopher specialising in health ethics, studying the lived experiences of health inequalities in marginalised communities, as well as professional ethics pedagogies for health students.

Prof. David Sheffield

University of Derby

My research examines the psychological and physical health benefits of compassion and psychophysiological mechanisms

Mr. Patxi del Campo

Instituto MAP

Terapia de la Compasión, Comunidades Compasivas

Dr. Mahendra Wijayasinghe

UC Davis; U of Alberta; Retired

Publish original Buddhism from the scientific viewpoint of my mentor

Dr. James Kirby

The University of Queensland

Examining the effectiveness of compassion-based interventions

Mr. Hendrik Wilhelm Crispiniano Garcia

Faculdade Pernambucana de Saúde (FPS)

The Impact of Mindfulness & Compassion on Mental Health, Psychopathology & Psychophysiology

Mrs. Sara Castro

Asociación para la prevención del duelo complicado / UNED España

End of live doula - grief - Death coach - Hospice volunteer

Dr. Julie Hendry

St George’s university of london

Caring and compassion especially in education

Mr. Jose Felix Falgui

Ateneo de Manila University Junior High School

I'm interested in prosocial online behavior supporting onsite IRL prosocial behavior.

Ms. Nitika Arora

The interplay of Compassion with negative experiences (such as discrimination, bullying, mistreatment) at work

Dr. Özlem Gümüşkaya

Sakarya University

I am interested in ADHD, I also have been diagnosed recently. I am interested in individuals with ADHD/Autism/LD and self compassion and compassion related ımplications for these groups and their families.

Prof. John Calvin Chatlos

Rutgrers University

A CBT based framework of how spirituality is developmentally organized in experience with compassion as a mojor component.

Mrs. M.A. Silke Zukunft

My area of research focuses on Integrating social learning, compassion, mental health, mindfulness and self-healing into the school Curriculum and teacher education

Dr. Amber Kea-Edwards

University of Alabama In Huntsville

Healing from workplace trauma

Karyn Nash

University of Derby

The impact of self-compassion on executive functioning in woment or people assigned female at work with late-diagnosed ADHD and autism.


Deakin University

Examining the role of compassion in aggression and violence

Mrs. Guler Ulusman

York University

Diversity and Inclusion in Workplaces

Mrs. Yafit Auerbach

University of Haifa

Self-compassion and parenting and Self-compassion in education teams

Dr. Jane Compson

University of Washington, Tacoma

Application of compassion and mindfulness in contemporary secular contexts, including healthcare, education and artificial intelligence.

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