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Celeste Headlee is a journalist, professional speaker, and author of the books We Need To Talk, Do Nothing, and Speaking of Race. Her TEDx Talk, 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation, viewed over 34 million times, is one of the 10 most-watched talks. In her 20-years in public radio, Celeste has anchored programs including 1A, Tell Me More, Talk of the Nation, Here and Now, All Things Considered, Here and Now, and Weekend Edition. Celeste hosts SlateÕs ÒHear Me OutÓ podcast and the Conferences for WomenÕs ÒWomen AmplifiedÓ podcast. She is also the president of Headway DEI, a non-profit that works to bring racial justice and equity to journalism.

Why I support the Compassion Coalition

I am convinced that teaching people how to be self-compassionate can lead to an expansion of compassion in the broader world. Compassion, with its unique desire to relieve suffering, is sorely missing from our society and politics.

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Do Nothing
We Need to Talk
Speaking of Race

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