Gabriela Jaeger

Co-Founder&Programmes Director
Global Changemakers
Why I support the Compassion Coalition
I am passionate about youth-led development. I got first involved in Global Changemakers in 2009 when it was part of the British Council (originally focused on bringing teenagers to the WEF in Davos) and asked me to put together a granting process for teenagers to implement their ideas. This led to 285 youth-led initiatives funded worldwide and the publication of “By youth, for youth” in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The impact these projects were having was lifechanging to me, I realized how impactful the work of a young person who is given a little support can turn transformational to communities world-wide. This led me to take a step further to make Global Changemakers an independent organization in 2014. Coming from Mexico, I wanted to reach youth that were not benefiting from these opportunities due to language barriers. Working with volunteers our Toolkits were translated and freely available on 8 languages. We’ve grown to support over 460 projects in 180 countries which have collectively reached more than 15M people. I’ve co-authored educational on-line tools and done grant management for my and other organisations (Transparency International, WBI, Nike’s Girl Effect, Shawn Mendes Foundation). In 2020 the online Changemakers School was created with the concept of having experienced and inspiring youth teaching other youth important skills to empower them to be changemakers themselves. We have to date 3900 students in 4 courses.
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