Jon Metzler

Senior Director of Human Performance

Magellan Federal


Compassion appears to be sparse and fleeting in today's society, however, I am optimistic that it can be restored. I find myself intrigued by the topic as I navigate the cultural complexities of competitive sport and the United States military industry. Pure competition was born out of striving to unlock one's true potential. Ancient competitors sought not to demean their competition but to respect and exalt their foes as they provided the impetus to thrive - to go beyond. Both successes and failures were met with gratitude. I am most interested in the compassion necessary to compete, to protect, and to appreciate, respect, and honor the formidable foe.

Why I support the Compassion Coalition

Dr. Jon Metzler provides strategic thought leadership on systems, resources, and processes that help organizations optimize performance, enhance resilience, and sustain readiness in their executives, leaders, and teams. Among his responsibilities are coaching innovations, strategic partnerships, solution development, as well as recruitment, retention, and growth of a highly specialized staff of Cognitive Performance Coaches who have delivered over 2.7 million training and coaching engagements across the United States Army in the past 5 years.

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