Julie Potiker

Author, Certified Mindful Self Compassion Teacher

UCSD Center for Mindfulness, Mindful Methods for Life, LLC


Julie Potiker is a mindfulness expert with extensive certifications and teacher training in a variety of methods, including Mindful Self-Compassion. Her new book is ÒSNAP! From Chaos to Calm.Ó Through her Mindful Methods for Life program offerings, Julie helps others bring more peace and wellness into their lives. Julie's first book, ÒLife Falls Apart, but You DonÕt Have To: Mindful Methods for Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos," is now available on audiobook. She holds a B.G.S. from the University of Michigan and a J.D. from George Washington University. Her work has been featured by The Oprah Magazine, Costco Connection, AARP, AP News, NBC, CBS, Fox, The CW, and many more.

Why I support the Compassion Coalition

My mission is to alleviate suffering, by helping people learn tools to manage difficult emotions, and be kinder to themselves, each other and the planet. I am honored to join the GCC in pursuit of this goal!

Julie's Books

Life Falls Apart But You Don’t Have To: mindful methods for staying calm in the midst of chaos
SNAP! From Chaos to Calm

Julie's Videos

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