Joyce Wanderi

Kenya Chapter Leader

The TEARS Foundation


Kenya Chapter Leader of The TEARS Foundation Kenya. A Grief Educator, Perinatal Loss Counselor, and Maternal Mental Health Advocate and Lactation Specialist. Over 20 years as Administrator within different government parastatals in Kenya. A Recipient of the iChange Nations Dr. Betty Speaks Civility Imprint Award, USA 2021 A Recipient of the Postpartum Support International, Dr Kruckman-White Postpartum Depression Prevention Award, 2019 Working to make change around maternal mental health and grief compassionate support through training for health healthcare workers, peer companions, and support group facilitators. Currently partnering with the Health Sector in Kenya working on a Continuum of Care as an essential strategy to prevent maternal and child deaths where health services are arranged in a pathway throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and after delivery. Adding my voice to compassionate care in the event of a child loss. The continuum of care has become an important approach for reducing maternal, newborn, and child mortality.

Why I support the Compassion Coalition

I have been passionate about matters of compassion especially around mother and child health services and care. I hope to see more attention toward compassionate leadership in the health sector, as well as the general public when dealing with mother & child health and end-of-life care and support. In most cases, we see empathy and not compassion, therefore i wanted to educate and teach on a move from empathy to compassion and I came across this coalition that has been the perfect forum to learn and connect with others on the same mission.

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Happy Earth Day 2024!

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