Kathryn Lovewell

Founder, Creative Director, Author

Kind Mind Academy


Booster and Crusher from my children's book The Voices in My Head, teach children and their caregivers that it is perfectly natural to have both a kind and mean voice in their head. My mission is to help children turn up the volume on their compassionate voice. My vision is to awaken every child’s inner Booster, so that they can feel self-empowered no matter how tough their life circumstances become. With Booster's help, children can discover their inner strength, that they can be their own inner cheerleader and that mistakes and (perceived) failure are simply opportunities to bounce back, have their own backs to grow and flourish. Having experienced chronic health challenges since I was a baby, I also advocate a compassionate approach to being with our body. I teach a yearlong programme that supports women to develop a kinder more compassionate relationship with their body. Compassionate Body is transforming the way women live inside their own skin. It has radically changed my response to pain, disability and unpredictability with my beautiful body. I am a Mindful Self-Compassion Certified Teacher, Author, and Educator (Secondary Education, Prison Education & Community Education.) I am the founder of Kind Mind Academy and lover of nature, especially the sunshine, trees, and the ocean. If you’d like to have a chat about Mission Booster or Compassionate Body, I’d love to talk to you!

Why I support the Compassion Coalition

I dream of a kinder world. To achieve this, we need to be kind, starting with the one in the mirror. For us to be kinder, we need to have greater understanding of ourselves and each other. To gain greater understanding we need compassion for our humanness and a shared language for our common humanity. The Global Compassion Coalition is helping us take one giant leap for mankind! Rick's vision of a compassionate world is inspirational and can only happen if we join together. The GCC is the most extraordinary, potent catalyst to make this audacious dream a reality. I feel privileged to be walking alongside compassionate 'giants' who are making our planet a more compassionate place. My passion is to touch the lives of all I teach. Guiding them to the door of their hearts so that they can receive the love, joy, and compassion within. My mission is to awaken the compassionate voice in our children, as young as we can, and to help our parents, educators, and caregivers to role-model self-compassion. This way our children will carve out a kinder, more compassionate, and happier future for themselves, for others and our beautiful planet.

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Happy Earth Day 2024!

Connect with the planet around you this Earth Day by taking this special meditation from our President, Dr Rick Hanson: