Maryvonne Verkerke


Gentleminds, Instituut voor Compassie


Maryvonne is one of the pioneers of compassion in the Netherlands. Within her institute from 2021, she guided the transition process in which mindfulness in the Netherlands transformed towards compassion. Maryvonne is a Communication Specialist, Compassion Trainer, Mindfulness Teacher for adults, adolescents and children and Mindfulness-Based Supervisor. She has been practicing Vipassana Meditation and Zhineng Qigong since 2014 and is also trained as a Trainer of Mindful Compassionate Parenting and ACT coach. She is now training as a Zhineng Qigong Teacher, meditation in movement, a pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine to keep body and mind in balance. Maryvonne is affiliated with Gentleminds as founder, owner and senior lecturer and as supervisor and teacher also with the Compassion MBCL Training of Frits Koster and Erik van den Brink. In her practice in Haarlem, she has guided meditation groups, trainings and workshops for fifteen years. Since 2010 she has been writing blogs and articles on Compassiememo, a platform for Writing with Compassion.

Why I support the Compassion Coalition

Compassion is my personal and professional mission. I would love to make your mind a better place.

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Happy Earth Day 2024!

Connect with the planet around you this Earth Day by taking this special meditation from our President, Dr Rick Hanson: