Robertson Work

Social and ecological activist and nonfiction author
Compassionate Civilization Collaborative (C3)
Robertson Work is a social and ecological activist, nonfiction author, student of Thich Nhat Hanh, and founder of the Compassionate Civilization Collaborative (C3.) He has worked in over fifty countries for over fifty years as United Nations Development Program (UNDP) principal policy advisor on decentralized governance, New York University (NYU) Wagner Graduate School of Public Service professor of innovative leadership for sustainable development, and Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) national and regional director, conducting community, organizational, and leadership initiatives. The first of his five books is A Compassionate Civilization: The Urgency of Sustainable Development and Mindful Activism – Reflections and Recommendations.
Why I support the Compassion Coalition
I was invited by the president of the Global Compassion Coalition to be a founding supporter, and am happy to be part of this global movement of movements (MOM) of social justice and ecological regeneration.
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