Suzie Stern

Author of The Home Within You

The Home Within You


I live in Toronto and practice Family Law with an emphasis on representing women who are survivors of domestic violence as well as children in the context of both custody/access and child protection litigation. Many of the children that I represent are living in foster care, group homes or on their own.

Why I support the Compassion Coalition

It is my passion to have discussions with my own kids and child clients that provoke them to think about their inner world. As such, I have written a children's book collection called The Home Within You. The book collection codifies the lessons I impart on my children so that they may look inward and feel at home. It is my greatest hope that these books help our children build Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem and Resilience.

Suzie's Books

The Home Within You – an introduction
The Home Within You READING Book
The Home Within You ACTIVITY Book

cover coming soon

The Home Within You SIDE BY SIDE Book for Parent/Guardian and Child

cover coming soon

The Home Within You TEACHING Book

cover coming soon

Suzie's Videos

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