Zindel Segal

Distinguished Professor of Psychology in Mood Disorders

University of Toronto Scarborough


Zindel Segal is Distinguished Professor of Psychology in Mood Disorders at the University of Toronto Scarborough and a cofounder of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. His latest book Better in Every Sense describes sensation’s vital role in building resilience. Zindel’s research on relapse vulnerability in affective disorder provided an empirical rationale for offering training in mindfulness meditation to those living with recurrent depression. His TEDx talk advocating for the relevance of mindfulness-based clinical care in psychiatry and mental health has been viewed nearly 1 million times.

Why I support the Compassion Coalition

Compassion and mindfulness are fundamental practices that do much to relieve the suffering of people living a mood disorder. Advances in how they are taught and disseminated can go a long way towards places these skills in the hands of the many people who could benefit.

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