Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in Challenging Times

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Author: Paul Loeb (2010)    Go to book

With nearly 200,000 copies in print, Paul Loeb’s Soul of a Citizen has become a classic handbook for budding social activists, veteran organizers, and anyone who wants to make a difference—large or small—in these challenging times. An antidote to powerlessness, it has inspired thousands of citizens to make their voices heard and actions count—and then stay involved for the long haul. Assigned in hundreds of college classrooms, Soul has been particularly useful to get students involved in their communities

Soul helps new people get involved and encourages active citizens to keep on when their spirits are flagging, or when they feel disappointed with dashed hopes. Based on forty years of his activist experience and studying how people get engaged, Loeb describes how ordinary citizens can make their voices heard and their actions count in a time when they often feel neither matter. Soul explores what leads some people to get involved in larger community issues while others feel overwhelmed or uncertain; what it takes to maintain commitment for the long haul; and how community involvement and citizen activism can give back a powerful sense of connection and purpose.


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