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Sign up to become a Compassion Connector today and join a global network that is working to create communities of inclusion, care, and connection. Registration is free and gets you access to training, guidance, and support all designed to help you be an agent of compassionate change.

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What will I be doing as a Compassion Connector?

After signing-up you will receive an email with a set of initial activities you can undertake in your local area to help start creating connections. You will also be instrumental in helping us shape our training to ensure it is as effective as possible for all those who volunteer . Further down the line you will be invited to form local groups of connectors who can organize their own bespoke activities aimed at bringing compassion to the area.

No. The Connectors program is completely free.

We are deliberately designing the program to be as flexible as possible. Every activity can be done in people’s own time and at their own pace.

Absolutely. If you feel comfortable going out and making connections then please do sign-up. And, if you’re a bit nervous or anxious about doing that – don’t worry. We will be here to help you and provide guidance on advice on how you can be an effective Compassion Connector no matter what your situation.

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