Compassion in action for men and boys

We live in a world that’s more connected than ever, and technology has made human suffering more visible. In this environment, self-compassion is a crucial tool for leading a fulfilling life.

Rigid masculinity

Unfortunately, certain societal messages about masculinity and being a strong male have made it challenging for many men and boys to express compassion and access self-compassion. Aspects of male conditioning—to show no signs of vulnerability, never ask for help, and never appear feminine—work against the profound power of compassion in leading healthier, more rewarding lives.


The challenge

Both research and clinical practice show that identification with rigid, restrictive masculinity beliefs leads to poorer mental and physical health, relationship difficulties, and a host of other life difficulties. Being masculine or male itself is not the problem but how males are usually taught to express masculinity is leading to increasing disadvantages for males in the modern world.

The consequences

  • Loneliness and/or social-emotional isolation
  • Drinking and/or taking drugs to excess
  • Dangerous activities
  • Fits of anger or violence
  • Dissociating from emotions
  • Educational difficulties
  • Lack of routine care
  • Poor mental health.
  • Poor physical health

The vision

Our world grapples with immense obstacles intertwined with deep-rooted, invisible notions of masculinity. Men and boys, shaped both biologically and culturally, have been steered towards apathy, callousness, and sometimes cruelty. By nurturing their capacity to embrace compassion toward others and for themselves, we reshape their health, well-being, and the very fabric of our society and world.

We believe that when men and boys are encouraged and rewarded for expressing caring and kind actions—be it at school, family, work, or in the social world—we help to co-create a safer, more satisfying, and emotionally connected world. Our vision: a world where men and boys exude strength and heart, shaping a new reality for us all.


We endeavor to spread these positive messages and resources for compassionate masculinity through education, research, advocacy, and practices. With that intention in mind, we build partnerships with aligned individuals, groups, and organizations.

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