Compassion in conflict

with Dr. Rick Hanson

Practical skills for moving through conflicts and challenging relationships with clarity, compassion, and effective assertiveness.

All proceeds go to the nonprofit Global Compassion Coalition.

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Compassion can come more naturally when we like someone, they are amiable, or when we judge their problems to be caused by an obvious injustice.

But what if you don’t get along? Or they’ve mistreated you? Or they are a significant cause of their own suffering?

In these circumstances, it takes courage, wisdom, and strength to act with compassion. 

But doing so can be hugely beneficial.

Finding your compassion in these circumstances can help to overcome conflict, cultivate resilience, reduce stress, heal wounds, and can address the root causes of suffering. 

If the person we are in conflict with is known to us, then it’s likely that we will want to maintain a good relationship with them even after a period of disagreement.

And it they are not, offering compassion can help to create new relationships, build bridges, and overcome social divisions.

Your compassion for yourself strengthens you.

Your compassion for others strengthens you. 

Join New York Times bestselling author, psychologist, and Founder of the Global Compassion Coalition, Dr. Rick Hanson, for practical ways to work through conflict and challenging relationships, with a focus on effective ways to handle issues, grounded in the compassion and clarity.

In this three hour workshop, you’ll learn how to:

Find your footing on shakey ground.
Cultivate self-compassion.
Use compassion for effective assertiveness.
Be at peace with what is out of your hands.

This includes:

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