A global gathering for compassion.

Join us for this half-day of inspiration and action as, together with compassion researchers, trainers, and advocates, we learn, practice, and organize to spread compassion to every corner of society.

By joining us you will:

Learn how to cultivate your gift of compassion.

Connect with compassion researchers, practitioners, and activists from across the world.

Kickstart a global shift towards compassion.

Join us and build #CompassionNow.

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Session 1: The power of compassion

Through a mixture of interviews, practices, and panel discussions we explore the nature of compassion, how to cultivate it, and why it needs to be at the heart of society.

Session 2: The power of you

With inspiring talks, workshops, and interviews we look at the power everybody has to cultivate compassion and spread and embed it where they live, work, and play. We will also be inviting you to join a new initiative aimed at cultivating compassion in your local community.

Confirmed Speakers

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