Uniting interfaith, indigenous and embodied approaches to healing ourselves and the planet

with Knellee Bisram, Piero Falci, Dr. Crystal Cavalier-Keck, Beth Blissman and Arti Ahluwalia

We are Mother Earth and Mother Earth is us. When we are disconnected from this relationship and out of balance with Nature, we tend to turn to polarized, fear-based, anxiety-driven action causing intentional and unintentional harm to ourselves, each other and our planet. This session features AHAM Education’s documentary short Healing People Heal the Planet and a mindful reflection of how we might access “eco-affinity” through faith, indigenous wisdom, or other embodied practices. Together we explore how this compassionate ‘inter-being’ in relationship to humanity and the planet can serve as a catalyst for sustainable, nature-positive, nonviolent and transformative outcomes for a common future.

Knellee Bisram

Piero Falci

Dr. Crystal Cavalier-Keck

Beth Blissman

Arti Ahluwalia

This event was held on Tuesday, 23rd April 2024.

This event is a collaboration between the GCC and AHAM Education. The session will include a screening of the film, Healing People Heal the Planet, which follows the transformative journeys of vulnerable communities most affected by climate change and social inequities, as well as those of youth and BIPOC change makers facing burnout and eco-grief.

Watch the trailer and find more information here.


Knellee Bisram, CEO/Founder and Lead NGO Representative to the United Nations, AHAM Education Inc. Mindfulness Teacher, Co-creator of B.Nature. Film Producer, Healing People Heal the Planet

Piero Falci, Board Member, AHAM Education. Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Living Teacher, Co-creator of B.Nature, Author of Mindfulness for a Better Mind, Life and World,

Dr. Crystal Cavalier-Keck, Co-founder, Seven Directions of Service. Citizen of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation, North Carolina. Indigenous climate justice activist. Mind Body Medicine Coach.

Beth Blissman is native of western Pennsylvania in the US and currently serves as the Representative to the United Nations for the Loretto Community (see She’s a certified permaculturist and feminist activist whose background also includes several decades of work in higher education.  Beth is happiest when she’s working with others to create and implement worldview-shifting programs that build connections, increase resilience and inspire creative thinking.  Outside of the office, Beth enjoys organic gardening, exploring NYC on foot, singing with Lavender Light (the Black and People of All Colors LGBTQ Gospel Choir), creating eco-bricks and imagining a world beyond heteropatriarchy.

Arti Ahluwalia, Representative to the UN and Strategic Coordinator of the UN Commons Cluster. Country Chair of Ecocivilisation, India.

*The session will be held on Zoom (duration approx. 90 minutes)*

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