Peace is an Inside Job

Strategies and practices for growing and spreading peace of mind in these unsettling times

with Reggie Hubbard

Join Reggie Hubbard for an entertaining and enlightening look at simple tools to cultivate peace of mind in these unsettling times. Rooted in the belief that we cannot bring into the external world what we do not possess, Reggie will talk about how making peace practices a foundation has impacted his activist work, personal life and began to shift aspects of political culture toward nurturing peace and wellbeing as a foundation. The practice will have conversation, connection and meditation.

Reggie Hubbard

This event was held on Thursday, 21st September 2023.

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Reggie is an activist, strategist, certified yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher and the founder, and Chief Serving Officer of Active Peace LLC.

Through Active Peace, Reggie teaches elected officials, political operatives, leading progressive organizations and individuals (sometimes dressed up as Prince), sharing techniques for growing peace and ease as a foundation, rather than an afterthought. He also advises contemplative communities, teachers, and the broader wellness industry on the importance of diversity and inclusion, opening the practice to all and eliminating exclusionary cultures and habits.

In addition to his teacher trainings in yoga, mindfulness and socially engaged Buddhism , Reggie received his B.A. in Philosophy from Yale University, his MBA from the Vlerick Business School and serves on the board of the Global Compassion Coalition, Netroots Nation, the Accessible Yoga Association and Project Yoga Richmond.

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