The Transformational Power of Male Compassion

A special 4 hour conference from the Men and Boys Compassion Initiative

Join the Men and Boys Compassion Initiative (MBCI) as we co-create an international movement to help men and boys cultivate their compassionate selves. This also requires the cultivation of courage and wisdom to heal the male crisis of disconnection.


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The MCBI are organizing this event and undertake a wide range of work involving male compassion

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Right now boys and men are suffering by the millions, often silently. From school, to friendships, to the dating world and relationships, to general adulting, many guys feel confused and stuck. 

We know what’s driving this. From a very young age, most boys are introduced to certain ideas about masculinity that prove to be deeply harmful. They are taught to bury their feelings, act tough, avoid emotional commitments, and most damning—to deny vulnerabilities and to prove their masculinity. There’s a direct line between these injunctions and the male crisis of emotional  disconnection.


It’s time we offer them something better—something that helps them access and process their emotions and cultivate care and compassion for themselves and the world. Let’s support men to develop more compassion while also raising a generation of boys who care for themselves and others.

At the MBCI conference on June 12th, our experts will share research, practice, and real-life examples to illuminate a picture of the caring boys and men we want to champion. There will be specific sections that focus on fathers, male children and adolescents, boys in school, male friendships and men’s groups. Insights, tools, and practices will be offered throughout the conference to help boys and men become healthier, more effective, relational, and resilient human beings.

Meet your presenters

Judy Chu Ph.D

Paul Gilbert Ph.D

Mary Gordon C.M

Chris Reigeluth Ph.D

Saed Hill Ph.D

Matt Englar-Carlson Ph.D

Warren Farrell Ph.D

James Kirby Ph.D

Danny Singley Ph.D

Jed Diamond Ph.D

Boysen Hodgson

Ed Adams Ph.D

Russell Kolts Ph.D

Benterah Morton Ph.D

You will leave with

  • A better understanding about the power of compassion and self-compassion to solve local and global problems
  • Key distinctions and intentions to consider while engaging in conversations about the male crisis of disconnection in your personal and/or work life
  • Tools to take conscious, compassionate, and courageous action within your family, classroom, workplace, or community
  • Connection and the opportunity to take collaborative actions with others.

What we’ll discuss:

  • Introduction to Men and Boys Compassion Initiative, Global Compassion Coalition, and this conference
  • Understanding and Celebrating the Beauty of Males—How to Nurture Healthy Development in Boys & Young Men
  • Serving & Supporting Boys through Compassion Based School Interventions
  • Making Room for Compassionate Dads
  • Men’s Mental Health Matters: Addressing the Crisis of Disconnection through Male Friendships & Positive Male Community
  • Closing

Who it’s for



Healthcare professionals

Leaders in Organizations



Human Resources professionals

Politicians and policy makers

Interested people of all genders

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