How to cultivate your inner strength

In the face of the challenges we face – not only in our own personal lives but in the world at large – it can be difficult to recall and activate our inner strengths. We might find ourselves overwhelmed by thoughts, emotions, and demands. 

But we can all access our courageous side. 

You’ve experienced challenges and come through. You’ve been tested and responded. You’ve learned a great deal already. What matters is using and savoring all of that to be the most confident, courageous, and resilient version of yourself that you can be. 

Here are our top tips for activating your inner strength:

List your skills.

Create a list of all your attributes and skills. Can you cook? Write? Are you kind and thoughtful? Do you always remember someone’s birthday? Are you good at math, music, or magic tricks? Whatever it is, write it down. And if you don’t feel able to do this for yourself, you can ask a friend or family member to help you.

Set goals

If you want to practice old strengths or try out new ones, set some manageable goals. If it helps, enlist an accountability partner to help you out.

Practice gratitude

At the end of each day, make a list of all the things you have been grateful for. This will help you to recognize what you have in your life and what you have accomplished.

Set boundaries

Practice saying no to things that are going to cause you distress or be unhelpful to your well-being.

Learn from setbacks

Remember that everyone has setbacks, and disappointments, and makes mistakes. You are human, not a robot. Use these as exciting opportunities to improve and learn – not as times for personal recrimination. 

Identify what you can control.

We often feel helpless because we are trying to change things we can’t control. We might want to help the fight against climate change, for example, but no one can do it alone. Work on the things that you are in control of (and get support to help you) but try to look mindfully at those you can’t.

Repeat this simple mantra

May I be safe, may I be peaceful, may I be kind to myself, may I accept myself as I am.

Ask for help

We live in an age when people are often expected to do things all by themselves. It’s simply not possible. Ask for help – either with advice on things you don’t know about or to help you with practicing certain skills and strengths.

Avoid making comparisons

While it is easier said than done, try to avoid comparing yourself to others. Limit your time on social media and if you do slip into making comparisons remember that you are on your own unique journey and no two people can be or do the same. 

Try doing one new thing

If you are feeling a bit stuck in a rut and like you are missing a purpose, give something new a try. Even if you don’t find yourself sticking with it, just shifting into a new gear or space can bring new realizations, confidence, and emotions. 

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