Male suffering in the world today

An epidemic of loneliness, isolation, and depression is affecting men the world-over. And it presents unique challenges: men are often brought up not to seek or accept help, to talk about their struggles, or show any kind of vulnerability. These challenges must be addressed if we are to help men live better lives. 


Globally suicide rates for men are just over twice as high as they are for women and it is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 44.



Globally, alcohol or drug dependence was twice as common in men as in women: in 2016, 2.4% of men were dependent, versus 1.2% in women.


Men make up almost 80% of all homicide victims recorded worldwide.

Men who were physically and sexually abused as children are 14x more likely to perpetrate physical and sexual intimate partner violence


Boys in many countries are at greater risk than girls of repeating grades, failing to complete different education levels and having poorer learning outcomes in school. 

132 million boys of primary and secondary school age are out of school

Hurt men hurt

About 90% of all homicides recorded worldwide were committed by male perpetrators.

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