The impact of compassion at work

Compassionate workplaces are good for staff, organizations, and the communities and nations they are based in. 


People who have reported experiencing compassion at work tend, on average, to have 19% fewer negative emotions, 17% less pain, a 10% reduction in feelings of fear, and an 8% drop in levels of sadness.


Job performance

Research shows us that compassionate work environments have lower turnover rates, higher trust, and better relationship quality between workers. This leads to overall improved performance and commitment.  


When we orientate our emotions and behaviors towards empathy, our propensity to help others grows. For example, one study showed that an increase in empathy levels is associated with up to a 40% increase in the willingness of individuals to share resources. 


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The Transformational Power of Male Compassion

Wednesday 12th June | 9am PT / 12pm ET/ 5pm GMT