Join our weekly practice

As well as our special monthly practices which focus on a particular skill of compassion, we’re pleased to have partnered with BFC Compassionate Care and Mindful Medicine to offer everyone a weekly, community practice.

Come home to rest

These weekly sessions are organized to help the community find a space of peace, rest, and relaxation. Whether you are overwhelmed by stress or feeling crushed by your self-critic, a regular practice can be instrumental in helping you to developing new ways of thinking and feeling.

Practice together

Our sessions are open to people from across the world and in multiple languages. It means that we can practice together, feeling the supportive sense of a community together in cultivating and living with compassion.

Our partners

We’re honored to offer these sessions together with the wonderful people at BFC Compassionate Care and Mindful Medicine (CCMM). CCMM offer training and coaching to leaders and teams in healthcare, helping them to do their work with compassion, kindness, and care. Learn more.

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