Good morning

Elisha Goldstein


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Good morning and welcome to the Daily Insight. My name is Elisha Goldstein, and today’s meditation focuses on starting your day with nourishing presence, balance, and happiness. As you’re settling in, welcome to this new day and begin by acknowledging yourself for creating space and time for your own health and well-being.

Now, settle into a comfortable position, either seated or lying down, with a straight spine to allow your body to breathe easily. Begin by checking in. How are you feeling as the day is beginning? If you notice any tension in your body, allow it to soften. Do a gentle stretch or make any adjustments you need with awareness. From the beginning of the day, you have the choice to do so.

Allow awareness to fill your body like a gentle mist, saying good morning to all parts of your body as they’re waking up. Notice how your body is naturally breathing. Breathing in, say good morning. Breathing out, release and relax into this precious experience of being alive.

Warming up the attitude of attention, if you’d like, place your hands on your heart or another part of your body. Feel the gentle touch of your hands, the warmth, the sensations. Bring this tender awareness to the beginning of your day, to your breath, and to yourself. This is your body waking up. It’s like this.

On the next inhalation, sense your breath coming in and feel into the nourishment of this breath. Each breath brings oxygen and energy into your body, the nourishment you need for being alive. Breathing out, soften and relax into the morning. You might also consider what you’re needing in this moment or in life in general. Layer that in on the inhalation. Maybe it’s inhaling love, strength, calm, or acceptance. Just breathe in whatever it is that you’re needing, anything that’s nourishing. Breathing out, soften, relax, and let be.

Bring a sense of tender presence to this moment as you’re breathing. Let’s expand this moment beyond yourself. Consider someone in your life who’s easy to love, someone it’s easy to care for. Maybe it’s a family member, a friend, a teacher, or even a pet. Play with directing the out-breath to this person, sending something good to them, a sense of warmth, kindness, or nourishment on each exhale.

So, breathe in a sense of nourishment for yourself, and breathe out for this other person. Feel your breath, sense your connection. One breath for you, and one breath for them. Savor this morning’s breath, feeling the nourishment of your in-breath or whatever you need in this moment or today: love, strength, balance, ease. Also, feel the goodness of breathing out and giving that same thing to the other person. Breathe in for yourself, breathe out for them.

At any point during this practice, you can choose to breathe more for yourself if you want, if that’s what you need. A few breaths for you, and then breathe out for the other person or the other way around. Whatever feels best for you. Finally, settle into what’s here this morning, right now. Know that the energy you cultivate in your practice today has ripple effects across the people you come in contact with.

As we bring this practice to a close, notice how you’re feeling right now. How is your body feeling? Is there a softening, a warmth? Whoever you chose to send the nourishing elements to today, see if you can reach out to that person and share your well wishes directly. Let the ripple effects unfold. And most importantly, just as we started, acknowledge yourself for taking this time and make sure to take this energy you’ve cultivated into the rest of your day.

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