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Bring to mind some people, pets, friends, family that you care about. And as you think about different people or non-human animals that you care about, become more and more aware of what it feels like to be caring. What’s it feel like to like someone? And what’s it feel like to be sympathetic to their pain?

That’s the feeling of compassion.

So know what it’s like to feel kind and caring and supportive toward anyone who’s struggling with something.

The struggle could be mild, the suffering could be mild, or very very agonizing, but it’s still real. and know what it’s like to care about it and wish the person well.

Then, knowing what it feels like to have this attitude of compassion, apply it to yourself.

Being aware essentially of two things, both the difficulties, the stresses, the burdens upon you, the pain, the loss, the sorrow, whatever it might be.

Being aware of that while also primarily being aware of a feeling of caring and support and goodwill toward yourself.

If your mind wanders, that’s natural.

Just bring it back.

You might see yourself outside yourself, perhaps seated in a chair or in a distance, or you might just know the burden, the stress, the pain inside yourself.

And toward that pain, that difficulty, keep mobilizing, which might feel like waves of compassion and warmth and support radiating out toward yourself.

You can also have a sense of thoughts in the back of your mind like, “May I not suffer, Or may this pain lessen, or may I be at peace with this loss?

And as you find this sense of kindness and support and caring for yourself, let it sink in. like the compassion is spreading inside you, landing inside you, becoming a part of you.

Letting yourself become actually a little more self-compassionate in general by allowing and opening to this experience of caring for yourself to really sink in.

And as we finish here, you can also know that growing self-compassion and doing this practice

So simple self-compassion again and again will really help you become even more resilient.

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