Over the last thirty years there has been substantial research into the origins, cultivation, and application of compassion.

We now know that compassion is not only innate but essential to our survival and our wellbeing.

Are you tired of waiting?

Like us, you are probably tired of waiting for action on the biggest sources of suffering in the world – poverty, hunger, discrimination, and climate change – when clear solutions already exist.

The challenge is creating the motivation and courage among those with the power to act.

Well, we’re not waiting any longer. Humanity is coming together at a scale that is large enough and powerful enough to spark a fundamental shift towards compassionate thinking, feeling, and acting.

Compassion is natural. We can all feel it – when we seek and offer care or feel hurt or injustice at the pain of others, that’s compassion. Led by compassion, we represent the best of humanity. 

Compassion is powerful. It takes courage to turn towards suffering, strength to address it, and wisdom to prevent it. 

Compassion is essential. Compassion has been key to our success as a species, motivating us to care for others, share resources, and develop ideas and inventions – like medicines and human rights protections – that have improved and saved billions of lives.

Compassion is natural, powerful, and essential.

Let's choose compassion.

Let’s cultivate and spread our compassionate nature – in our leaders, businesses, communities, and homes – so that the alleviation of suffering, the promotion of care, and the thriving of humanity become the guiding principles upon which societies are based.

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