Why compassion

In both our biology and our spirituality, compassion is what weaves us together while many forces try to tear us apart from each other.

Without compassion, we are left with callousness and cruelty, domination and desperation.

What is the underlying cause of all the problems we face – from local ones with our families and neighbors to global ones such as poverty, climate catastrophe, and war? It is a lack of compassion.

What is the underlying solution to those problems? It is compassion. Both at the individual level and – as many people join their hearts and hands together – putting compassion in action to change systemic sources of suffering.

This is what the GCC does. We build compassion all along the way, from individual consciousness to individual action to collective consciousness to collective action. No other organization in the world has this mission. Already people and organizations around the world are flocking to it, over 100,000 in just six months. And we’re just getting started!

With the help of new donors, we can keep building compassion, in schools and businesses, in villages and cities, in banks and government offices, in war zones and refugee camps. As the GCC joins with other goodhearted people and organizations, eventually together we can put compassion and justice at the foundation of every society.

That is why we are doing what we do at the Global Compassion Coalition – and why we need and are deeply grateful for the support of our donors.

Dr Rick Hanson is President of the Global Compassion Coalition. 

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