Creating support networks in Ghana

The work of the GCC Ghana has begun with a public meeting held in Accra. There a number of us spoke about the need to spread and promote compassion in our society. This included the aspiring Assembly Member Hon Ankra. 

At the meeting we agreed on our focus and ambition. Our aim is to create a network across the 16 regions of Ghana that can find people who need support and get that support to them. We will match-up people with skills in certain jobs to help them train up others who lack those skills. And where we can, we will share resources and, just as importantly, care and time with one another. 

Urgent update from GCC Ghana:

Spillage from a dam in Bopey has displaced over 20,000 people. These people need urgent support to meet their basic, daily needs. This includes food, water, and medicine; temporary and new housing; skills training for young to be able to earn an income; care for the elderly. 

If you can make a donation to provide this vital humanitarian aid, click here

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