Launching a “Neighbors Day”

Connections are being forged rapidly in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. 

The work of the Connectors here has already created two great new initiatives.

Firstly, in September 2023 we hosted a “Hot Chocolate Social”. The idea was pretty simple: offer people some delicious hot chocolate from outside my home and create new connections with some of the local neighbors. In the end we managed to chat to 58 people and kickstart the process of forging a Connectors group right here in Bowmanville.

And straight after that we were able to achieve a fantastic win. We lobbied the local Mayor to create a “World Neighbors Day” right here in our community. The very first will be held on 1st June 2024. It will be an invitation to everyone in our town to meet eachother, share, organize community activities, and generally to find new ways to support and help one another. I’m so proud of all that the Connectors here have already done – and I know will continue to do!

Colette Descent, Canadian Connector

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