Supporting orphans in Uganda

Based on the long term perspective study and lessons learnt from working with and supporting orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in Luuka district, orphans need protection against abuse and exploitation.

Benamos-Uganda already provides education, care, food, clothing, and spiritual counselling at Benamos School in Uganda. Now we are expanding. We intend to launch a campaign against child abuse and exploitation and create response strategies to support children put in these terrible situations. We will also build a new permanent block of classrooms to help increase the capacity of our school. 

To help prevent abuse we will:

  • Educate families, teachers, peers, and the entire community about the humanitarian treatment of children.
  • Work with police, judiciary, community leaders, and teachers to raise awareness of specific issues of sex exploitation.
  • Train orphans and vulnerable children to be advocates for their own community.
  • Arrange advocacy meetings to highlight ongoing issues.

In response to cases, we will:

  • Create a referral system for children who are of concern.
  • Form child rights clubs for survivors to forge friendships.
  • Offering counselling support to children affected.

Kyayi Moses, Uganda Connector

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