By practicing and cultivating compassion, we can find a way to support, protect, and nurture non-human animals. This is not only essential to their survival and wellbeing but to our own health and happiness: non-human animals play an essential role in creating a planet which is diverse, thriving, and resource abundant.

Essential Reading

Books on animals and compassion

Animal Liberation Now
The Animal Manifesto: Six Reasons for Expanding Our Compassion Footprint
Why Vegan?: Eating Ethically
Animals Matter: A Biologist Explains Why We Should Treat Animals with Compassion and Respect
A Rational Approach to Animal Rights: Extensions in Abolitionist Theory 
The Case for the Legal Protection of Animals: Humanity’s Shared Destiny with the Animal Kingdom
Survival at Stake : How Our Treatment of Animals Is Key to Human Existence
A Plea for the Animals: The Moral, Philosophical, and Evolutionary Imperative to Treat All Beings with Compassion
The Animal Lover’s Guide to Changing the World: Practical Advice and Everyday Actions for a More Sustainable, Humane, and Compassionate Planet 

Our Founding Organizations

Organizations working on compassion for animals


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Videos about compassion and the animal kingdom

Further reading

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