Climate Change working group

Christine Wamsler (Convenor)

Professor of Sustainability Science at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS), Founder and Director of the Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program, and former Co-Director of the Societal Resilience Centre. She is an internationally-renowned expert in sustainable development and associated (material and cognitive) transformation processes, with 25 years of experience, both in theory and practice. Her work has shaped international debates and increased knowledge on personal, collective, institutional and policy transformations in a context of climate change.

Gustav Böll

Gustav is the Assistant Director of Youth Leadership at the Center for Systems Awareness. His role is to lead the Youth Team and their efforts of training students and teachers from around the world on the Compassionate Systems Framework. Gustav holds a BA in International Studies from Roskilde university.

Jamie Bristow

Jamie Bristow is a leading expert on contemplative practice in public life and a former climate campaigner. He co-authored the 'Reconnection: Meeting the Climate Crisis Inside Out' report whilst Director of the Mindfulness Initiative policy institute, and now leads on policy and narrative development for the Inner Development Goals.

Jo Confino

Jo is an executive coach, facilitator, journalist, and sustainability expert, Jo has partnered with the UN Development Programme on a consciousness and systems change initiative, and sits on the Boards of various climate organizations. Jo held senior editorial positions at the HuffPost in New York and the Guardian in London, where he oversaw its sustainable business website.

Jennifer Nadel

Jennifer is a qualified barrister, author, political strategist, speaker, activist and award winning TV journalist. Her Sunday Times Bestsller, WE, is a guide for individual and societal change. A lifelong environmentalist, she has sat on the National Executive of the UK Green Party and ran for parliament twice. She is Co-Director of the UK thinktank, Compassion in Politics.

Peter Senge

Peter is Co-Founder of the Center for Systems Awareness. He has been at the forefront of organizational learning since publishing his classic text The Fifth Discipline in 1990, which provided theories and methods to foster aspiration, develop reflective conversation, and understand complexity in service of shaping learning-oriented organization cultures. In 1997, Harvard Business Review named the learning organization as one of “the seminal business ideas of the prior 75 years.”

Laureline Simon

Laureline is the founder and director of One Resilient Earth, an international non-profit organization dedicated to growing the climate resilience of individuals, re-building communities and regenerating ecosystems, through learning, arts and cultural transformation. Laureline previously worked on climate change mitigation, adaptation and loss and damage, including with the United Nations Climate Change secretariat.

Ha Vinh Tho

Ha Vinh is Founder of ELI: Eursasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing and Chairman of the Eurasia Foundation. He was also formerly Programme Director at the Gross National Happiness (GNH) Center in Bhutan. As former Head of Training, Learning and Development at the International Committee of the Red Cross, he has trained humanitarian professionals working in war zones and emergency response in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Morag Watson

Morag is a policy expert and former UNESCO adviser who has been advising individuals, organisations and governments on climate change, sustainability, leadership for sustainability and change strategies for nearly twenty years. She is Director of Policy for Scottish Renewables, advising the Scottish and UK government on the energy transition.

Zane Wedding

Zane is Youth Development Manager at the Kindness Institute in New Zealand. He was formerly a Senior Lecturer in Arboriculture at the Manakau Institute of Technology and a staff member and activist with Greenpeace.

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