Compassion 2.0

We are a group of professionals who believe our society depends on compassion being integrated into the very architecture of our organizations, systems, products, and services. We do this not only because it is the right thing to do. We do this because there is a solid business case and ROI for it. In a post-COVID landscape, there is unprecedented alignment between senior leaders, younger generations, and economic demand: the need for more meaningful work. We know that in organizations that have achieved a level of psychological safety, people flourish. Flourishing results in the unleashing of creativity in solving problems, or innovating on existing products or in the creation of new products. Google’s Aristotle project proved this. Compassion exists in every philosophical and religious tradition created by humanity. We intuitively have known for 4000 years what neuroscientists are proving in a scientific framework: Pro-sociality is inherent to our fundamental makeup as human beings. Compassion 2.0 embraces this science. Compassion is not a ‘soft skill’, a ‘nice to have’, or something woo-woo. We are fundamentally compassionate as part of our raison d’etre; leaning into that will only produce good results. In light of the amount of division in the world, where people are being driven through algorithms to be fearful and “Other” people and the environment, we aim to offer the antidote in both our personal and professional lives. We aim to scale compassion. Compassion 2.0 is where we do this professionally.
Why I support the Compassion Coalition
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