Center for Compassionate Leadership

The call to compassionate leadership is urgent. The stakes are our survival and that of our planet. Compassion is the means to lead humanity forward from a world of competition and conflict to one of understanding, cooperation, equity, and justice… a more compassionate, peaceful world where individuals are free to express their full, innate potential for the greater good of all. It’s time for leaders to create cultures and systems of safety, connection, and belonging. Neuroscientific research has established that we thrive optimally when we are in community, engage cooperatively, and act compassionately. Modern physics shows that we are each deeply connected to everyone and everything. The mission of the Center for Compassionate Leadership is to advance compassionate methods of leadership by integrating best practices of modern leadership, evidence-based science, and contemplative wisdom. The Center accomplishes this through thought leadership, research, curriculum and training, community, and collaboration.
Why I support the Compassion Coalition
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